Exponential Organisation (ExO): is it the new breed of global businesses?

Today we face a more dynamic and disruptive operating environment than in the 20th century and the Covid-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for us in terms of the speed and magnitude with which disruption can proliferate. Most started looking at transforming themselves to meet these challenges and stay relevant. But transformations are often either poorly defined or lack focus and so fall short of addressing the root issues holistically.

The main reason for this is that the information-based world is now moving exponentially, whilst organisations are operating in a linear fashion, struggling both to respond as well as to scale in an unpredictable environment. This requires organisations to reimagine, remodel and relaunch themselves and primarily based on a grandiose aspiration that unifies both people inside and outside the organisations to build an organisation of the future on so-called LEGO blocks which can be easily scaled to become an Exponential Organisation (ExO). ExOs have outputs disproportionally greater because of their inherent ability to leverage technology at scale.

Organisations’ lifespans are getting shorter and they are being challenged by newcomers and annihilated within a short period of existence simply by harnessing the power of exponential potential of 3rd platform technologies, platforms and ecosystems.

Visibly a new breed of leadership and organisations are getting created. It’s good to understand the characteristics of these organisations, what makes them successful and see whether we could inbreed these traits in reimagining and remodelling the rest to gain the benefits of exponential growth.

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