The business case for digital transformation: Making it work

In every industry digitally-led businesses have either disrupted or gained an edge because they tend to be more efficient, deliver greater customer value and are generally seamless in how they integrate with stakeholders needs.

Digital transformation is a global business phenomenon, capturing the attention of enterprises in every industry and spurring major investments. Dismissed as just a buzzword for many years, digital transformation has become palpable and urgent: many companies and their boards, as well as senior executives, acknowledge that digital disruption will have a major impact on their industries, and many feel it is imminent. But one of the key reasons for a business’s slow pivot lies in what makes the information technologies of the digital age different from technologies that fueled other business transformations. They evolve, seemingly, at warp speed, and can be purpose-built; provided that a business has the right talent and corporate culture in place which is the key challenge for many companies.

However many traditional companies struggle to make headway with their digital investments or fail to make the case for these in the first place. In this interview, Ramesh Shanmuganathan discusses how companies might go about making the business case for digital investment, how the success of digital investments might be measured and why it’s important to be led by a digital vision.

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