Digital C-Suite: An essential factor to drive DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

Digital transformation is a business mandate and not a technology mandate. It involves aligning the technology investments to strengthen your value proposition, grow into an adjacent area of business or even launch more disruptive products and services. New products or services with new platforms, ecosystems and business models can drive value for the stakeholders – …

Is DATA the antidote for GUT?

The way organizations were led and managed in the past, especially key decisions made based on gut feel, definitely may not be the most sustainable means to continue with these changing dynamics. It’s become an imperative whilst acknowledging that experience and acumen garnered over years has value, where necessary those must either get validated or …

Future of innovation: Is artificial intelligence the game changer?

AI’s potential is now becoming clear. Unlike the automation of tasks that technology first made possible AI is proving revolutionary. Already AI is working away in the background in many industries, dealing with customers, identifying problems before they happen and saving time and resources. AI is also challenging company culture as humans and machines must …

An audacious entrepreneur with intellect and intuition

Ramesh elaborates that the inspiration and aspiration for establishing John Keells IT stems from the realization that something significant can be done for both the John Keells group and similar organizations. Read More

Originality, writing the playbook and courage to be different

Between the world-changing pandemic and economic turmoil, leaders able to navigate the chaos and uncertainty towards a new normal will be more successful. The traits required of such leaders are different to what we have seen in the past. Read more

The Future of Work: Driving Employee Experience in a Digital Environment

We live in a global village, which is increasingly driven towards hyper-connectivity and hyper-personalization. The separation between any two individuals in a world with a population of close to 8 billion has reduced from six to four, due to this growing phenomenon. Anything that you do today is about connecting the dots. The million-dollar question …

Positioning Sri Lanka as an Innovation hub: Myths, obsessions & Facts

10th June 2021 The technology explosion in many counties is digitizing services and helping build an astonishing array of new products that are transforming economies and the lives of people. Read more

The future is COOPETITION – building ecosystems and creating shared value

Competition is evolving, and the most successful companies compete by creating shared value rather than with linear value chains. Ramesh Shanmuganathan discusses how companies might start to approach creating shared value. Read More

Innovation- does SIZE really matter?

For a century at least innovative new firms have driven lumbering old companies out of their dominant market positions. With the spread of the internet and smartphones in the last decade, this disruption has accelerated and now reaches every corner of the world. Read more

Making sense of DATA in a Fintech world

10th June 2021 Data is a key differentiator and determinant of the competitiveness of an organization and its ability to sustain value to its stakeholders – be it a customer, employee, partner, or shareholder. Read more