Digital Transformation and John Keells IT

In every industry, digitally-led businesses have either disrupted or gained an edge because they tend to be more efficient, deliver greater customer value, and are generally seamless in how they integrate with stakeholders’ needs.

However, many traditional companies struggle to make headway with their digital investments or fail to make the case for these in the first place. Echelon features the John Keells IT leadership team that has succeeded in driving successive inflections and transformations for the group of companies as well as for their external clients at large.

At John Keells IT, they believe everything around them must be challenged. By rejecting the status quo, they make every endeavour to make that journey for their employees, customers, partners, etc a rewarding one, by harnessing the collective experience, expertise and knowledge with a mandate to drive value co-innovation and co-creation.

Ramesh Shanmuganathan has led John Keells Group as its CIO and John Keells IT as its CEO for over a decade and a half, and in that time he has driven multiple transformation initiatives across the group which has set the precedent for many others to follow. John Keells Group’s transformation journey has been featured in many global case reviews and has received many accolades for being ahead of its time in driving key points of inflection and strategic waves of transformation. It’s this success that paved the way for John Keells IT to take this as a holistic value proposition to its external clientele.

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