Demystifying & Unchaining Web 3.0

It is very easy for all of us to imagine an interconnected world where everyone, citizens, consumers, investors, and workers, could seamlessly live their lives transitioning between physical and digital planes at will before this decade concludes, John Keells Group’s Executive Vice President and Group CIO Ramesh Shanmuganathan says.

Web 3.0 is the much-needed foundational layer of the world wide web which has been in the making since 2015 and will fundamentally transform how we approach corporate governance, value creation, and stakeholder participation, giving stakeholders pari-passu interests and equal opportunity. It presents an opportunity where people are not merely consumers of products or services but builders and owners of digitally unique assets, identities and data.

Whilst Web 3.0 preceded the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic amplified the need for universal access to technology and related platforms for anyone and everyone with more decentralized peer-to-peer platforms with much more federated and decentralized governance models that would enable anyone to leverage technology.

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