SRI LANKA – A Global Innovation Hub: A mantra to leverage her inherent DNA to address the current crisis from a TECH perspective.

No crisis is without an opportunity. Sri Lanka’s current economic troubles do offer an unprecedented opportunity for economy-wide structural reforms and for the technology sector to seek new markets.

For any business into exports, the opportunity to launch improved and globally competitive products as well as services is unprecedented according to John Keells Holding’s Executive Vice President and Group CIO Ramesh Shanmuganathan. He says the weaker currency augurs well for any exporter and that advantage should be strongly amplified by collaboration, co-innovation and co-creation through strategic partnerships and investments to create a better and stronger portfolio of products and services to emerge stronger from the crisis.

The crisis can also pave the way for structural reforms in the economy too. Sri Lanka will require to create more predictable and enticing conditions to attract foreign investors to leverage Sri Lanka’s tech DNA according to Shanmuganathan. He discussed these ideas during an interview:

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